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About Us

Kraf Lambang Budaya Negara
Craft is the epitome of one’s culture

Isti-mewa wish to foster Malaysia’s rich traditional cultures in everyday modern life, through handmade crafts that are adapted into contemporary fashion pieces - using traditional fabrics such as Batik and Songket. 

Isti-mewa; which means special in Malay, represents the uniqueness of every pieces that is being created. Every piece is crafted with a purpose that resonates individual connection with the owners, as we are all – one of a kind, unique and special in our very own way.

How it Started

Isti-mewa is the brainchild of Syerie Zulkifli – an avid fabrics collector. Started off by producing small scaled production as gifts to friends and families, she then receives remarkable responds that turned into demands from new batik and traditional fabrics lovers among her peers. On August 2017, Syerie officially kick-start her business full time under her company ISTIMEWA GLOBAL – and the rest is history. Today, Isti-mewa is running at a remarkable rate, participating in local and international arts and craft events, with the help of five full-time craft enthusiasts. 

Handmade Queens - Helping the Community

With the increasing number of requests for Isti-mewa goods, we called in our local handmade queens to the rescue! These talented queens are indeed the answer to our prayers! While sharing the same passion in creating impeccable handmade crafts for others to appreciate, we are happy to grow as a company and providing stable income with our business partners and local communities at the same time.

Social Medias

Instagram: instagram.com/isti.mewa

Facebook: facebook.com/istimewa.my